Meet Emanuela Deyanova

"I owe my husband and kids to your work " is just one of the many heartfelt testimonials Emanuela Deyanova receives at the end of her couples transformation program.

Too many long-term couples struggle to keep their love alive. Ironically, it’s often not a lack of love that leads to a break-up and separation — but a lack of knowledge on how to love

The good news? Love is a skill that anyone can learn — and Emanuela Deyanova will show you how from the empathetic “been there, done that” place.

With David, her partner and father of her children, they had struggled for years with the exact same challenges: 

Why isn't our relationship as effortless as it was in the beginning? 

Where is our exciting sex life gone? 

Is it time to split up? 

For years, Emanuela Deyanova was convinced that a romantic relationship shouldn’t require much effort. That it should just follow its natural course and that love is enough.

Until she discovered the truth: love is not enough for a relationship to thrive. What’s needed is a mindful collection of emotions, habits, insights and communication techniques that (luckily!) everyone can learn. It’s all about mastery — not mystery.

After being able to save her relationship and family, her mission now is: world peace one couple at a time.

A highly sought-after relationship expert, a certified marriage and family psychotherapist, she’s trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Imago Therapy and is the in-house relationship expert at 365 Dagen Successful.

Over the past decade, Emanuela Deyanova has had the honour of teaching thousands of people — online and offline — from all corners of the globe to create conscious, loving partnerships and to realize the higher potential their connections hold for their health and happiness.

Emanuela Deyanova is also an international speaker & bestselling author of  “Oneindige liefde” (“Infinite love”) which has already been translated into 4 languages and will be published in English in the upcoming months (pre-order here). Thanks to her multi-cultural background, she can understand various cultural nuances and mindsets on a much deeper level, while being able to counsel in four languages in her private therapy practice in Amsterdam.

Emanuela Deyanova is a founder of the online platform School of Love — where she guides and educates couples on how to feel appreciated, alive and passionate, even during dark times. Our relationships are the gate to a profound inner change and connection beyond imagination. Every relationship, she says, can flower again and again.

The real question is: are you ready to do what it takes?

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