About the book

In the beginning, every relationship feels great. But actually, you don't really know your partner… until you find yourselves in that first crisis. And then another one. And yet another one. Suddenly, the conversation is about breaking through or breaking up.

But don’t lose hope.

Consciously creating and maintaining a thriving, exciting relationship is a skill — and this book will help you stay on the same page with your partner (pun intended) through the toughest communication and emotional challenges.

You’ll discover:

+ which love languages you and your partner speak — and how to sync them.

+ how to overcome your frustrations even when you think you’ve run out of patience.

+ how to reignite your attraction, passion and sexuality.

+ how to learn to really, truly listen and above all…

+ why a crisis does not have to kill a relationship, but can be a beginning of a much deeper connection.

With “Infinite Love” you’ll learn to strengthen your relationship in 7 simple steps and create a safe, empowering and inspiring environment for your family and friends to thrive in.


    What readers are saying

    “Beautiful book. Has taught me a lot. Turtle vs. the chimpanzee. Learn why it’s worth every effort to be there for each other, to take time and to listen to each other’s feelings. (…)

    Another big lesson? Sometimes you have to disconnect yourself from your partner, not to drift away from each other, but to find each other again. (…)”

    ♥ Hay Lin, goodreads.com
    (translated from Dutch)

    “I read this book in one sitting and my goodness I learned a lot. While I thought I knew so much already 😉 So many practical tools and stories from personal experience. There is so much to learn about love and how to maintain a relationship. I predict that this book will prevent a lot of divorces. I recommend this book wholeheartedly!”

    ♥ Majrimrekkab, bol.com
    (translated from Dutch)

    “What a fantastic book! Easy to read, striking, reflective, recognizable, eye-opener.
    It’s really great and so helpful! Both my husband and I read it and it paid off right away! This book deserves more than 5 stars!”

    ♥ PMK, bol.com
    (translated from Dutch)