'Love is a mastery, not a mystery'

Connect with your partner on a deeper level than ever before 

— no matter your relationship status

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'Crisis is your biggest opportunity for a break-through, not a break-up'

Why are you here, really?

Whether you've been together 3 or 30 years — loneliness, boredom and numbness in a relationship are THE most common pains I've been witnessing as a couples therapist and intimacy coach.

Maybe you don't feel seen, supported or respected. Maybe you're trapped in a neverending power play, involving destructive money and bedroom dynamics. Maybe there's no drama, but you're missing that honeymoon passion and closeness that seem to be fading away.

You could be a fresh parent, an empty nester or don't have kids at all — your status doesn't matter — you deserve a thriving relationship that makes you feel understood, appreciated and adored.

That makes you feel fully alive.

And although there's no manual to love and intimacy, the good news is: they are definitely learnable. Trust me.

Been there, done that when my own relationship was on the edge of falling apart.

The number one game changer is to start SHOWING UP for yourself and your partner. The rest is about learning the new relationship skills and unlearning the old behavioural patterns.

Love is a mastery, not a mystery — and it would be my pleasure to guide you on that journey. 

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Discover 7 steps to 'Infinite Love'

About the book

In the beginning, every relationship feels great. But actually, you don't really know your partner… until you find yourselves in that first crisis. And then another one. And yet another one. Suddenly, the conversation is about breaking through or breaking up.

But don't lose hope.

Consciously creating and maintaining a thriving, exciting relationship is a skill — and this book will help you stay on the same page with your partner (pun intended) through the toughest communication and emotional challenges.

You'll discover:

♥ which love languages you and your partner speak — and how to sync them,

♥ how to overcome your frustrations even when you think you've run out of patience,

♥ how to reignite your attraction, passion and sexuality,

♥ how to learn to really, truly listen and above all…

♥ why a crisis does not have to kill a relationship, but can be a beginning of a much deeper connection.

With 'Infinite Love' you'll learn to strengthen your relationship in 7 simple steps and create a safe, empowering and inspiring environment for your family and friends to thrive in.

From falling in love,
to growing in love

Love is no longer a mystery – but it's up to us to turn it into a mastery. At the School of Love, we are committed to teaching you everything you need to build lifelong, deep and meaningful relationships. We provide you with a set of skills, strategies and tools to permanently improve your love life.

Whether you've been together for 1 month or 99 years, every relationship can blossom again and again.

The real question is: are you willing to work for it? Are you ready to master the art of love?


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The Love Quest is a deeply transformative 6-week online program that brings you closer to your partner — and yourself. You will get profound insights into your relationship dynamics and all the necessary tools to reprogram your patterns, regardless of where you are now. Expect to create deeper intimacy, connection and to get those happy hormones buzzing again.

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